Tips for Choosing a Home Video Surveillance System

Technology is an ever evolving sector of our growing economy and constantly expands to meet our needs. Technologyrepresents a lot – it might stand for a ten-year NASA project where they used advanced mathematics to obtain a satellite or it might be top of the line equipment that you need placed within your home.

Technology is really about making our lives safe, secure and tangibly better. We trust it to do us well, and we keep receipts for when it doesn’t. The surveillance industry is merely just one facet of technology’s expanding realm. How often do you think about your security? Don’t take it for granted, make sure you are always protected by installing a top shelf wireless video surveillance system in Columbus, Ohio or commercial video surveillance systems.

A security camera can provide a protective feeling. security is about peace of mind. It’s about the idea that there is a watchful eye on things. There is always something accounting for your property, loved ones, pets, business, etc. Security cameras can be used for virtually anything you want. They’re really just eyes – glassy, unblinking eyes that can remember everything they see, memory space permitting.

This all-access guide will take you on a tour of all things surveillance. While choosing a video  surveillance system It is vital to note the types of security cameras out there, the pros and cons of the equipment, what would be appropriate for you, and all other relevant details.

Do the cameras need to be discreet or act as a visual deterrent?

The location and what you need to overlook will determine whether obvious or discreet cameras are required. Box cameras can be some of the largest and most obvious, reminding people that they’re being monitored and reducing the chance of theft.

Dome cameras are the best to use for discretion due to their small half spherical-shape – the ultra-compact models are so small that they can fit in the palm of your hand. Lastly, PZT (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras are good for panoramically monitoring expansive areas and following subjects with precision.

Will the security cameras be used indoors or out?

Whilst most modern cameras can be used both inside and out, it’s important to consider features such as mounting and housing components. For use in extremely cold environments, choosing a camera which has a durable design and an interior built heater means it will have the ability to start up and operate despite the temperature.

In industries such as transport, for example, it’s also important to choose a robust video surveillance solution which can operate reliably in harsh environments and where there may be a high level of frequency and vibration.

But it’s not just outside cameras that may need environmental housing. In industrial environments such as factories, for example, cameras may need to be protected from elements such as sawdust.

In restaurant kitchens, ensuring the camera is protected from greases is also important and in bars and clubs, factors such as smoke machines and spilt drinks might impact whether housing is needed.

What are the lighting conditions?

It’s important to test cameras to see which models work best in the lighting conditions present at your premises. Areas inside and outside will experience different amounts of sunlight throughout the day, not to mention throughout the year as seasons change.

Thinking about where the light will land is vital. For example, will there be a reflection off the floor?

Is there strong backlighting creating a glare? For environments such as nightclubs, strobe lighting can have an effect on the camera.

Thankfully there are a variety of technologies which will ensure you capture usable footage in a range of lighting conditions. Light filtering technology such as IR filters and artificial illuminators can amplify or reduce the amount of light reaching a sensor, creating clearer images during the day and night.

Is audio important?

Integrating audio into a surveillance system makes it possible for personnel to hear and speak with possible perpetrators. It can be easily integrated with video management systems.

From a surveillance point of view it can also be used as an independent detection method triggering recordings and alarms when audio passes a certain threshold.

What challenges do you want to overcome with video surveillance? Can VMS analytics help?

An effective VMS system is essential given that the average amount of time someone can focus on video footage is only 20 minutes. VMS or in-built analytics can alert you to suspicious activity and apply analytics, improving the efficiency which you run your business.

Built in motion detection and intelligent algorithms provide useful, actionable information, such as the total number of people that walk into a shop. Compared against sales, retailers can assess the rate of conversion and the best times of day for promotions.

Whether you’re looking to completely outfit your home with a smart home security system in Columbus, Ohio, or just need a few cameras to monitor your property while you’re not home, Interactive Protection Services has the security solutions to give you ultimate peace of mind while you are away. Contact us today to book a technology review or schedule installation services – 740-483-0823.


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