Things you Didn’t Know About Home Security

Smart home security is an increasingly popular option for those looking to monitor their property. If you are looking to buy a home security system, we recommend exploring this route. A home alarm system should be a priority for all property owners and residents to ensure their family is safe.

At IPS Tech, we understand the importance of a home security system and the peace of mind it can bring. That’s why we recommend installing a thorough smart home security system at your residence. Our professional technicians can provide you with a security consultation and a complete installation after choosing the home security system that best fits your needs.

We offer our customers throughout the greater Cleveland, Cincinnati and Columbus regions total home security camera installation options. IPS Tech will work with you to ensure that your security needs are met. Here are some of our favorite home security tidbits:

  • Focus on Your Exterior — It may sound simple; however, many homeowners can improve their home’s security by taking extra measures to reinforce the entrances to their home. Exterior doors are often a soft spot in many people’s homes. A kick from an intruder can break down a door at the weak point where the lock meets the doorjamb. Reinforce your doors for extra security.
  • Replace Old Windows — Windows act as a common entry point for intruders.  Keeping them up to date is an important, overlooked aspect of home security. Old windows have long been exposed to weathering and corrosion, which can hamper their locking effectiveness. Thus, not protecting your home as effectively as possible.
  • Secure the Garage — An often-overlooked aspect of home security, the garage can be an entry point into your home. If you have an attached garage it is particularly important to ensure that it cannot be accessed by an intruder. An unprotected garage is practically an invitation into your residence. And if you use an opener to gain access to your garage, take it inside with you. A common method for burglars, who are looking to get into your garage, is to break into cars parked in the drive way then use the opener to get inside.
  • Watch What You Throw Out — Thieves inspect trash for boxes of large items, such as new televisions or appliances. If you have just installed a new valuable home good, it is the best practice to dispose of the packaging in a discreet manner. The best way to tip off burglars that something valuable is inside your house is to have its box sitting on the curb.

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To install a complete security package that functions as a reliable form of protection for your business, it is important to entrust experienced security professionals. The technicians at IPS Tech will deliver fantastic security system installation and continued monitoring services.

Interactive Protection Services provides specialized attention to each client that comes to us looking for a home security system in Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland, Ohio. Everyone has different needs when it comes to home or business security, so we provide individualized solutions for each. We design and implement security solutions for both homes and businesses. Our state-of-the-art technology securely protects your assets and saves you money. Contact IPS for advice and assistance for all of your Columbus home security needs. Our technical experts can help you choose the right devices that fit your lifestyle. Call us at 740-483-0823 or connect with us online.



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