Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy a Fake Security Camera

Buying a home security is a good idea. That is a widely accepted notion throughout the United States. Yet, there are still some people who toy with the idea of using fake security cameras to act as a deterrent for intruders. We are here to tell you that a cheap security camera that does not function is not a good idea. At IPS Tech, we offer the best home security camera systems that are designed to actually keep your family and your property safe. Our home security solutions are a necessary investment for anyone who is serious about protecting what is theirs.

Although you can often find fake security cameras installed as a means of creating the illusion of security, we don’t believe they are a good idea. Here are some of the reasons that you shouldn’t buy a fake security camera:

  • No Monitoring Ability — The most obvious thing that you will be missing without a real security camera is the ability to monitor your property. An actual home security system gives you the ability to monitor your home whether you are there or away. The benefit of having a view of your home on your smartphone unparallel to a fake security camera.
  • You Can’t Record — Another benefit of having a real security camera instead of a fake one, is the benefit of being able to record video footage. Having the ability to record the happenings around your property is a substantial benefit for homeowners. Keeping video footage can be important for protecting your property
  • Fakes Are Easy to Spot — Though you might think you are fooling others, it’s not likely that you are. Fake security cameras are easy for anyone to identify, especially those looking to break into your home. Do not take the chance that a potential intruder could spot your fake. Get a real camera instead.
  • Video Quality — If you want a clear and high-quality picture and video feed, then you should outfit your home security system with an HD camera. This is not possible with a fake security camera.
  • There’s No Ability for Total Home Security — Smart home total security is truly a 21st century staple. If your home is not completely optimized for smart device monitoring, remote controlled locks and motion detection, you are behind the times.

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To install a complete security package that functions as a reliable form of protection for your home, it is important to entrust experienced security professionals. The technicians at IPS Tech will deliver fantastic security system installation and continued monitoring services.

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