Preventing Fire Accidents in the Home or Business

Fires can significantly damage any home or business.

However, they are completely preventable. We recommend practicing safe routines, which aim to avoid potential fire hazards. If the unfortunate were to occur, it is important to have the most functional system in place. Contact IPS Tech to secure an effective fire alarm monitoring system in Columbus that protects your home or business.

Our fire prevention approach deploys tools that rely upon state-of-the-art technology. The fire alarm systems use programs that alert the authorities and monitoring personnel when heat or smoke is detected. Our systems are designed to provide multiple paths for emergency signal transmission. In the case of a fire, preventative measures built into the system will send frequency signals to the administrative control panel.

Fire Prevention Practices

Fires can be avoided through preventative methods and regular maintenance.

Here are some fire safety tips to pay close attention to:

  • Do not smoke indoors
  • Dispose of waste properly and regularly
  • Keep heat-oriented appliances away from film or paper substances
  • Do not overload electric circuits or outlets
  • Obey occupancy rules
  • Store products according to recommended arrangement
  • Service equipment in accordance with protocol

Our programs are developed to reduce risk and prevent fires.

Most fire alarm monitoring systems are narrowed down to two types – sprinkler and smoke ventilation systems. Here are some characteristics of each:

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

  • Triggered by heat
  • Fully charged with water
  • No delayed time between activation of alert and flow of water
  • Supplied from storage or pressure tanks (pump suction, gravity, reservoir)

Smoke Ventilation Systems

  • Triggered by smoke
  • Continued operation in the event of primary power failure
  • Extracted heat creates evacuation passage

Sometimes buildings are erected with fire resistant compartment construction. Compartment features create chambers in building pockets to prevent spreading and keep damage to a minimum.

Fire Response Technology

Our systems are so advanced that when the unthinkable does happen, we can respond quickly, alert the appropriate authorities and evacuate the premises before anyone is injured. Smoke-detecting technology, alarm systems and other devices help us respond to fire situations. It is important that home and business owners utilize the smart devices available and integrate them into their security systems.

Being able to respond quickly and effectively in the case of an emergency is important for you, when it comes to protecting your family or employees. Sometimes there are things that you cannot prevent, such as fires in the home, but you can prepare for them. When you use outdated and non-working devices, you put yourself and those around you at risk. IPS offers tremendous fire alarm monitoring services in Columbus, Ohio. At IPS, we provide individualized attention and carefully-crafted solutions for every customer. We understand that your home or business deserves the best protection from disasters such as fire. You can call us for a quote to learn more about what IPS can offer in the form of fire alarm monitoring services in Columbus, Ohio. Call us at (740) 483-0823 or connect with us online.



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