Simple Ways to Prevent False Alarms in Home Security Systems

Any professional team of security and fire alarm installers will be able to perform your home security system installation with ease and expertise. But once all of the cameras, door sensors, and other products are placed and you have your monitoring system set up, how do you make sure that your system is working for you correctly?

Sometimes, even with the right security system, you can get panicked calls from family members asking if you’re the one who opened the door after the alarm was set when no one is home, even if there’s no intruder. False alarms are annoying and eventually dangerous. If you’re used to your security system malfunctioning and sending false alarms, then you will not react correctly when a real security notification pops up.

Follow these simple rules to prevent false alarms in your home security system installation:

  1. Use pet-tolerant motion detectors

Most security systems will have a special motion detector that will ignore any movement from something under a certain weight limit. The highest weight limit of any consumer motion detector is about 50 pounds. If you have pets under this limit, then it will do well to have these motion detectors in your home.

  1. Check the batteries

Ensure that the batteries in your equipment are fresh and fully charged, if applicable. Low battery levels can accidentally trigger a false alarm and drive you nuts with repeated false alarms. In most cases, the equipment will notify you when the batteries are low, and when this happens, don’t wait to change them.

  1. Make sure you know the code

Getting a new security system can sometimes mean having to create and memorize a code to enable and disable alarms. If you get the code wrong too many times, a false alarm may occur. In these cases, it’s important to practice entering your code and make sure you and everyone else who uses it have it memorized to avoid any annoying and potentially dangerous false alarms.

  1. Be aware of equipment

Anything may set off a motion detector if it gets too close. A ball rolling by, a thrown object, or even a party balloon during a kid’s birthday party. Be mindful of the motion detector placements throughout your day and get in the habit of avoiding them. In addition to motion detectors, window and door alarms are an easy way to get false alarms. Make sure that household members know not to open windows or doors when the alarm system is set.

  1. Contact a professional team of security and fire alarm installers

Interactive Protection Services in Columbus, Ohio is an expert team of security and technology professional dedicated to ensuring clients feel safe with their security systems. IPS can expertly install and monitor security systems, giving customers peace of mind, without the false alarms. Contact our team today for a technology review and to get started.



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