Finding Pet Friendly Alarm Systems in Ohio

For man’s best friends and that purring little ball of fur or scaly critters and feathery fiends, it’s important to have a pet friendly alarm system that works for you and your pets.

Not only should pet friendly home alarm systems keep your house and your pets safe but it should be high-tech enough that it doesn’t trip motion sensor alerts whenever your animals get the zoomies and has a high-speed race throughout the living room.

You should also be able to have pet access, like dog and cat doors, without interfering with a comprehensive security system. There are a few pet friendly alarm systems that an Ohio technology and security specialist can recommend for you, ranging from countertop cameras to full-service comprehensive video feeds that detect motion and infrared changes.

Here is a list of the best wireless pet friendly alarm systems for Ohio homes

1. Petcube

While it’s not technically an alarm system, this camera system is design specifically for pet monitoring. Talk, play, train, and reward your pet with the Petcube. The higher-end designs also feature laser toys for the ultimate remote play time.

Users can choose to implement multiple cameras around the house and with a storage plan ranging from $4.99 to $24.99 a month, pet owners can go back through video history for any reason.

2. Vivint

Vivint is the crown jewel of home automation security cameras at the moment. Not only does the Vivint system offer fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring but its automation features mean you can unlock the door for pet sitters and then lock the door behind them when they leave. It’s 100% wireless and comes with professional installation, so a technician will arrive to set up your system to a cell and internet network.

3. Protect America

While the pet-sensitive alarm system by Protect America is animal proof only up to 40 pounds, the company also offers pet safe alarm systems for Ohio home with a glass break sensor. This is for in case any glass breaks — signaling that someone may be using a window to break into the home.

Not only that, but its affordable with a $99 equipment fee and five different security equipment packages.

4. SimpliSafe

Anyone who’s listened to a podcast in the last year probably already knows about SimpliSafe. It’s a wireless pet-friendly home alarm system for Ohio — and other U.S.-based — homes. While some pet safe alarm systems in Ohio detect anything above 30 or 40 pounds, SimpliSafe doesn’t activate until 50 pounds, meaning those with larger pets don’t have to worry as much about false alarms.

Contact IPS Tech for Pet friendly Alarm Systems in Ohio For birds, cats, dogs, and more, you want to make sure your pets are safe while you’re away. An average alarm system may not cut it. But IPS Tech is able to help you decide which alarm system is best for you and your home, and then help you install it correctly. Contact our offices for a technology review and get started on your wireless pet-friendly home alarm system in Ohio.



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