Do I Need a Mesh Wi-Fi Router?

Sometimes we find ourselves scrolling through the feeds on our phones, working on the internet, or playing the latest multiplayer video game when suddenly, our wi-fi network goes out. This seems all too common, especially in multi-level homes and offices with comparatively large square footage. Your wi-fi signal just isn’t strong enough to cover the area you need it to. This is where mesh network routers come in.

What exactly is a mesh wi-fi network?

A mesh wi-fi network is a home or office network of wi-fi bases—also known as nodes—that continuously share network information with one another from a central source. This allows the wi-fi signal to be transmitted among nodes to amplify the signal to a larger radius. Instead of a single access point where a router is, mesh router systems have multiple access points for devices—smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets—to connect to.

Do I need a mesh wi-fi network?

Your needs for a mesh network router depends on the size of the area you’re trying to service. A single apartment under 1,500 square feet probably doesn’t need multiple access points, but a multi-level home or office over 1,500 square feet will most likely need more than one access point.

If you are constantly finding yourself unplugging your router, counting to 10, then plugging it back in just to see if you might get a signal again, maybe it is time to upgrade your current technology and start looking for the best mesh router system for your home or office.

While the cost of integrating a new mesh network may seem steep, the convenience of a strong and reliable wi-fi network outweighs the financial cost. If set up correctly, there’s no longer weak signals or dead spots in your network. 

What’s the best mesh router system?

Here are Interactive Protection Services’ top three picks for the best router for mesh network systems—in no particular order:

EnMesh by EnGenius

The reason this is one of the best mesh network routers is that EnMesh offers a full deck of features. It’s small, out of the way, and the nodes plug directly into outlets, so there’s no need trying to hide cords. EnGenius boasts a simple setup, parental controls, and automatic updates for their small but mighty mesh network router.

Google Wifi by Google

Google Wifi easily made its way onto any best mesh network router list not just because of the company’s ubiquitous nature, but also because they’ve created a fast and reliable router for mesh networks. Constant updates provide leading edge security to your network and if you already have a Google account, setting it up takes almost no time at all.

Orbi High-Performance AC3000 by Netgear

Orbi High-Performance is the best mesh network router for extra-large homes. With 5,000 square feet of coverage, this tri-band system is exceptionally fast and provides a long list of connectivity options for a variety of devices.

If you need more information on the best mesh network router or even just need help with your home or office wi-fi network, contact IPS for technology solutions today.



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