Make a Home Smart with Automated Door Locks

Home automation is quickly becoming a common trend in home design and technology implementation. Among the many devices with which you can outfit your home, there is a smart solution for everything. From security cameras to remote garage door openers and smart lighting to thermostat and temperature control, there’s a smart solution for anything.

Many homeowners are upping their security and convenience measures with home automation door locks — a simple and convenient way to add an extra later of security and a modern solution to the age-old question, “Where did I put my keys?”

Why Install Automatic Door Locks for Your Home

Your keys are now always in the palm of your hand. Implementing automatic door locks for your home means you can either use your mobile device or even a fingerprint scan to lock and unlock your doors.

Even for the most forgetful of people, if you happen to get all the way to work or school and then realize you forgot to lock your front door, simply pull out your phone and lock up the house from your device.

One of the biggest benefits is there’s no more need to carry a key or hide a spare one on your property. Many criminals and trespassers are privy to the idea that homeowners may conceal a spare key under fake rocks, hideaway locations, and in flower pots. But with an automatic door lock, you can quite literally throw away the key and secure your home.

Homeowners with home automation door locks can also set different passcodes for family members and employees, like babysitters, house cleaners, and handymen. If something were to go wrong, you would know who had access to the premises with a smart automatic door lock for your home.

Receive notifications straight to your phone when someone unlocks the door. Integrating an automatic door lock for your home into your home security plans means all your technology works together to keep you and your family safe.

They’re also relatively inexpensive as far as smart home automation goes. While you can install one yourself, it’s easy to have a home automation door lock installation service like Interactive Protection Services outfit your home with this extra later of security.

Contact a Home Automation Door Lock Installation Company

Interactive Protection Services is a professional technology and security company experienced in home automation and home automation security. Contact our professionals today to get started with an installation of an automatic door lock for your home. Protect your family and your possessions with smart security and give yourself peace of mind when you’re away at work and vacation with our robust security services. The added convenience of a home automation door lock will make your life easier when your house keys are now in your smartphone.



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