Is It Expensive to Install a CCTV System in Ohio?

Because of advancements in technology since the advent of the security camera, security camera installation labor cost in Ohio homes and businesses has seriously plummeted. Not only have customer realized that they can purchase and install security cameras themselves, but they also can monitor their cameras themselves through computer and phone applications.

What some customers don’t realize is that when they skip CCTV installation services in Ohio for their business (or home), they’re missing out on strategic placement, 24/7 monitoring services, and whole suite of services that only comes with professional security camera installation services.

But many customers would rather miss out on that in the interest of saving money, without realizing that it’s not expensive to install a CCTV system in Ohio.

Here are a few things to consider with security camera installation labor cost in Ohio.

  1. Cost and price are different

For the most part, all you have to worry about is the price of the system itself. How many cameras you need, what monitoring systems are available, and any other upgrades or features you’re considering. After that, most companies that provide CCTV installation services in Ohio will perform the installation for free.

Even if there is a cost associated with the installation, it may be for different reasons, such as size and scope of the monitored property and the availability of a network connection for those cameras.

On the low end, a CCTV installation service is about $250, but can go as high as $3,000. Most customers will end up somewhere in $1,500 for a complete and comprehensive CCTV installation service, including cameras.

  1. Monitoring packages are important.

Even though most security systems will alert you with texts or emails if something is amiss at home or the office, it’s important to have a set of human eyes on your cameras. Obviously, you can’t monitor it yourself all day, every day, which is why many companies will either set you up with a reputable monitoring company or monitor it themselves if they have the staff and capability.

  1. Contact a trusted CCTV installation service provider in Ohio

Interactive Protection Services provides CCTV installation services in Ohio to businesses and security camera installations services for homes. With comparable and competitive security camera installation labor costs for Ohio homes and business, many customers have chosen IPS for their CCTV installation services in Ohio. Contact us today to get started.



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