How Thieves Can Hack and Disable Your Home Alarm System?

Despite home security being a major concern of many homeowners, only 18 million homes have a home alarm system installed in the United States as of a 2010 consensus. Out of the 138.45 million in total in the country, 18 million isn’t that much.

And even those with home alarm systems aren’t safe from intruders, thieves, and robbers, as home alarm systems are still hackable, despite smart home technology features. Here’s how thieves can hack and disable your home alarm system

Physical Tampering

If a robber has already cased a home with an alarm system, then they probably already know where the cameras, motion-activated lights, and doorbell alarm equipment is. If the equipment is lightweight and not connected to a cloud-based, real-time system, then obstructing a camera’s view for a few hours can give a thief the opportunity to act. Furthermore, simply damaging an alarm system will result in at least a few days of no security that a trespasser may take advantage of.

Software Loopholes

Many software developers will post parts of their code to an open-source community, much like GitHub. This is not done in malice or ignorance, as these types of communities encourage collaboration and make software-based products better. However, this also gives hackers the opportunity to better understand the software behind a home alarm system and find its loopholes. For example, this may make it easy to remotely unlock smart locks, even without the password or authentication.

Signal Interruption and Interception

Many home alarm systems rely on signals for cameras and sensors to communicate with one another. When these signals are faked or interrupted, it creates a vulnerability in the home alarm system. A signal transmitter used from no more than 250 yards away can create false alarms, interrupt a signal from a window sensor or completely intercept a notification to authorities.

Preventing Hacking and Disabling

When it’s time to install a home alarm system for your house, don’t be discouraged by possible hacking or tampering. In fact, most of these things are completely preventable with the right security system and equipment. For instance, well-secured, high-mounted cameras will prevent someone from obstructing or damaging a camera. Furthermore, choosing a home alarm system with positive customer reviews and no security scandals will help prevent these issues.

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