How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Required in A Home?

If you’ve decided to upgrade your home life to a smart home life, then good for you. Integrating technology in your lifestyle can greatly improve convenience and safety when installed and used correctly.

Items like smart locks on doors and smart lighting to improve energy efficiency and convenience are just some of the ways that homeowners have upgraded their housing to include smart technology. Smart fridges and smart TVs are other examples of ways that homeowners have integrated smart technology into their houses.

But some owners may forget about other “dumb” technology still lying about the home that can be upgraded to better usage of space and energy.

Smart home carbon monoxide detectors are easily forgotten when homeowners plan their smart home upgrades. While it’s not as flashy and cool as having light bulbs that automatically turn on when you enter a room or a smart thermostat that adjusts temperature based on weather and proximity of your smart phone, it’s still important to consider.

What You Need to Know About Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

When it’s time to upgrade your carbon monoxide detector installation, you must consider how many smart home carbon monoxide detectors you may need. Some of them rely on an internet connection or Wi-Fi in order to properly alert you of any changes in CO levels in the home. If there are a lot of internet-enabled devices on a small bandwidth connection, then your internet connection will be affected.

The rule of thumb to follow is this:

  • One CO detector per floor in the home, including the basement
  • A CO detector near the entrance to the garage, if applicable
  • Another CO detector near any gas appliances, like ovens and stoves

Ultimately, the number of smart home carbon monoxide detectors depends on the size of the home. It’s important to have a proper and thorough carbon monoxide detector installation in your home to ensure that you’re receiving the proper coverage and that no CO-sensitive areas are missed.

Where the smart home CO detectors are located also makes a big difference. They shouldn’t be high up the wall near the ceiling, as a more accurate CO level reading is done closer to the floor.

Contact IPS Tech for Professional Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

When you’re ready to install smart home carbon monoxide detectors to complement the rest of your smart home technology, contact Interactive Protection Services. Our experienced staff of smart home technology experts and CO detector installation professionals help homeowners every day in choosing and installing the right technology to fit their lifestyle and their budget. Give us a call and drop a line when you’re ready.



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