How to Set Up Surround Sound: Easy Home Theater Install Tips

Setting up surround sound is one of the most crucial parts to perfecting a home theater installation. Without surround sound, the full viewing experience lacks being able to hear every whisper and music note. What’s the point of a home theater if the “theater” part isn’t there?

When setting up a home theater surround sound system, installation tips can save your butt and ensure your home viewing experience is just like going to the movies.

Follow these home theater surround sound system installation tips to put the cherry on top of your home theater set up.

  1. Use a 5.1 configuration

This is the standard for home theater surround sound systems. It consists of six channels; five regular speakers and a subwoofer that is perfect for low-frequency sounds. Three of the speakers are situated at the front, while two speakers are on the sides — hence the surround sound — and the subwoofer is low to the ground.

  1. Optimize the room

It’s important that the home theater set up doesn’t allow for sound to echo around the room. This is done by removing or limiting furniture and surfaces that are hard and reflective — like wood and glass. Instead, use padded and foam surfaces like couches, curtains, blankets, and more.

  1. Placement

This is one of the most important home theater surround sound system installation tips, because the placement of the speakers will ultimately determine the quality of sound. First, the surround speakers should be positioned about one or two feet above ear levels.

Next, the front speakers should be angled about 22 to 30 degrees toward the couch where you’ll sit, while the side speakers that will stand next to you should be angled about 90 to 110 degrees toward the seating area.

Lastly, the subwoofer can go almost anywhere in the room, but it’s recommended that it stays low to the ground and next to the television.

  1. Experiment with placement

Have fun with trying to figure out the best placement for your surround sound system. It doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as you and your family enjoy it. Try moving the subwoofer closer to or away from the way to play with the resonation of the bass. Maybe raise or lower the surround sound speakers close to the couch and hear the difference in the sound.

Contact IPS Tech for Home Theater Surround Sound System Installation

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