Home Automation for The Elderly and Disabled in Ohio

How Home Automation Simplifies the Elderly’s Lifestyle

Look, it’s no secret that home automation makes your house cool and futuristic. Having lights that turn on and off remotely or with a simple voice command or motorized window treatments is an easy and effective way to make home life just a bit simpler.

But, the added effect of an automated smart home for the elderly and disabled also simplifies life for those who struggle with everyday tasks.

Home automation for the elderly and disabled can greatly increase home independence and make what once was daunting tasks easier. Here’s how:

  1. Emergencies

If there were a fall or an emergency, how would the homeowner be able to reach the phone? This is where a system like Alexa, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or another home communication hub comes in. Residents can voice command the device to call emergency services in the event that they cannot reach the phone themselves, making this a great example of how home automation for the elderly and disabled can help lives and save them.

  1. Security

Homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be broken into. If the home is occupied by an elderly person or someone with disabilities, then it becomes more difficult to defend the home from burglars. A smart home security system integrated into home automation for the elderly is one of the most important factors for simplifying home life for the elderly and keeping them safe in their own houses.

  1. Convenience

The best example of convenience in home automation for the elderly is reaching ceiling fan light switches. With voice commands or remote control, homeowners can easily turn lights on and off without having to get up or stretch to hard-to-reach places. Smart home door locks mean no more fumbling around with keys — just use a code or a fingerprint to open doors and lock them as well.

Contact Interactive Protection Services for Home Automation for the Elderly

At IPS, we understand the impact that smart homes for the elderly and disabled can have on their life. Difficult tasks become easier and life is more secure. Contact our home automation specialists for a technology review and get started on smart home automation today.



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