Customize Your Home Security to Fit Your Needs

Home safety is not something to be taken for granted. The best way to maintain home security is through monitoring solutions.

Our home security systems in Columbus, Ohio are catered to fit your needs and provide fortified resistance. Prior to installation, make sure to conduct proper research to install a home security system that provides the best benefit.

With quality, personalized and professional design our experts can implement home security solutions that meet your needs. They survey your entire home before set-up to inform you of the full range of options that will best secure your home. After careful consideration, our professionals will suggest which models and technical components would work best for your home security.

Nobody can beat our prices or quality assurance. We will match any quote that you receive and will even bundle our services in with cable and internet service providers. Also, our team is equipped with local in-house dispatchers and professional operators who provide around the clock monitoring to keep your home safe and sound. Our custom home security systems in Columbus, Ohio give you complete control and guarantees you monitoring capabilities of your property and valuables.

Here are a few important features to consider when developing a custom security plan:

  • Installation of motion sensors/detectors
  • Where to position motion/glass break sensors
  • System sensitivity levels
  • Voice recognition
  • Fire, smoke, carbon monoxide detectors
  • Entry and exit delay times
  • Dual path monitoring
  • Universal device monitoring ability
  • Wireless technology
  • Crash/smash protection
  • Smart device compatibility
  • Smart home automation
  • Push notifications
  • Door access control
  • Magnetic door locks
  • Biometric fingerprint access
  • Perimeter barriers

When you are deciding which home security devices to install, it is important to have a professional by your side to help determine what fits your needs. The devices you may need depend on the size of your home, your exterior property, how many people require access throughout the day and if you have pets.

Interactive Protection Services provides specialized attention to each client that comes to us looking for a smart home security system in Columbus, Ohio. Everyone has different needs when it comes to smart home security, so we provide individualized solutions for each home. We design and implement smart security solutions for new home constructions and for those looking to update their alarm system technology. Our state-of-the-art technology securely protects your assets and saves you money.

Contact IPS for advice and assistance for all of your smart home security system needs in Cincinnati. Our technical experts can help you choose the right devices that fit your lifestyle and security needs. Call us at 740-483-0823 or connect with us online.



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