Common Smart Home Automation Features

We’re a pretty smart society. Nearly all of our everyday items and devices have some sort of “smart” feature to them that makes them more accessible and more helpful in everyday tasks. Smartphones have artificial intelligence integrated into their software to help us communicate with others, find points of interest, and keep track of our appointments. Smart watches monitor our heart rates and track our fitness progress over a period of time. Smart cars help us conserve gas and be environmentally-conscious while also saving us tons of money.

Homes can be pretty smart, as well

Current smart home automation systems bring the distant future of living like The Jetsons a little bit closer to reality. While the technology to make your trash can take itself out is probably still a few years away, it is possible for a device to detect you’ve woken up in the morning, turn your lights on and slowly brighten them while also telling your coffee maker to start brewing.

Basics of a Smart Home Automation

The basics of a smart home automation system usually start with home assistants such as Alexa or Google and also include features like motorized window treatments, digital thermostats, automated security systems, and media integration. The best home automation systems in Columbus, Ohio will incorporate everything you desire in a smart home automation system but won’t break your bank.

Smart Light

LED smart light bulbs can save users money on their utility bills and give them control from a smartphone device. They’re available in a variety of colors and ambience selections, providing the perfect lighting for sleeping, reading, concentrating, and entertaining guests. An extra feature would allow users to program settings for certain times and days, so lights automatically turn off when you leave for work or dim themselves slowly throughout the evening to achieve the perfect ambiance.

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems integrated into home automation allows homeowners to see who’s leaving packages at the front door, receive notifications when doors and windows are unlocked and opened, and control lighting, cameras, locks, windows, and more from a smart device.

Smart Digital Thermostats

Smart digital thermostats go beyond an LED display. The thermostats that contribute to the best smart home automation systems have built-in wi-fi to allow temperature settings changes from a phone, tablet, or PC. Much like smart lightbulbs, smart thermostats can be programmed to reduce heating and cooling bills by turning off during the day when no one is home.

The central hub of all smart devices in the home is arguably the most important in achieving the best home automation system in Columbus, Ohio. Installing a hub that connects all smart technologies in the home under a single device makes it easier for owners to monitor and control every aspect of their smart home automation system.

Interactive Protection Services provides home automation installation in Columbus, Ohio. Friendly and highly-trained technology experts can easily help you pick the features you need and install them in your home. For the best home automation system in Columbus, Ohio, IPS provides the technical know-how so that the convenience of the future is with you in your home. Contact IPS today to talk about integrating smart home automation system features in your life.



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