Commercial Computer Networking Solutions

It’s critical for your business to be up-to-date on modern computer networking. Sharing files, sharing hardware such as printers and scanners, and remotely accessing the network are all important aspects of small business computer network solutions in Columbus that greatly help business owners streamline productivity.

Getting your company’s devices set up on a computer network is simple, and the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages of commercial computer networking services in Columbus.

File Storage & Sharing

Sharing, sending, and storing files is easy when you configure your office machines on a network. There are two ways this can be achieved: on a Network Attached Storage unit or among the devices on the network.

Think of a NAS as a physical storage unit that people can place their items when not in use. Users can drop their files in and access them on the network when they are needed.

The other solution is to have shared files among the devices on the network. When one person drops a file in a shared folder on their computer, it’s stored and accessible by other network users. No more sending bulk emails of important files or presentations, a shared file and folder system on the network helps streamline everyday functions in the office.

Remote Access

Let your employees work from home or on the go with remote access. Integrate a Virtual Private Network into your commercial computer networking services in Columbus, and you and your personnel can work from home or when they’re out of the office for a conference.

It creates a tunnel between you and your business through the public network, so your information and files can traverse the public network safely and securely. All the information is encrypted for your security.

No Cables Necessary

When you have a commercial computer networking company in Columbus outfit your premises for a small business computer network, you can rest assured that your office will not be laden with cables running throughout the property.

A simple wireless router can create the network that you need to share files among personnel without messy, intruding and expensive cables.

Hardware Connectivity

Have you ever gotten annoyed that when you need to print or scan something, you have to walk your computer over to the hardware, connect it with a cable, then you can print or scan? On a wireless network, that’s not necessary. Simply send files to the printer or scan files directly to your computer on the network.

If you’re looking for a commercial computer networking company in Columbus, call Interactive Protection Services to help you set up your business for success. Our IT experts can design and integrate a wireless network for your users to create seamless file sharing, printing, and remote access capabilities. You need a trusted and reliable partner to secure your network and provide the individualized services your company needs for productivity and success. Contact Interactive Protection Services for small business computer network solutions in Columbus, Ohio. Fill out our online form or call us at (740) 483-0823 to get started.



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