Automatic Door Lock Columbus, Ohio

When you think of automatic door locks, you may immediately think of the locking mechanisms most commonly found on cars. But many home and business owners have begun implementing this technology into their daily lives to secure their property and buildings.

Home automation door locks are convenient. You don’t have to juggle with keys to lock or unlock your property. As the door locks automatically behind you as you leave your property, turning around to unlock it may only require a quick passcode, much like garage door openers.

Even further, smart automatic door lock systems from Columbus, Ohio security companies can perform fingerprint scans, retinal scans, or encoded keycard swipes to permit access to authorized users.

Why You Need a Home Automation Door Locks in Columbus, Ohio

Needless to say, you know you will sleep better at night knowing that your home or business is protected by an automatic door lock system in Columbus, Ohio. The convenience of not needing keys to lock and unlock your doors speaks for itself, but the additional layer of interactive security goes a long way.

Receive texts and emails when your doors are unlocked and locked. As a homeowner, be aware when family members arrive home safely from work or school, and when guests have arrived to visit. On the other side, as a business owner, be notified when your employees have locked up for the day and if someone is attempting passcodes on your buildings’ automatic door locks outside of hours of operation.

Protect sensitive areas of your home and business and be assured that the access is controlled by only you with an automatic door lock system in Columbus, Ohio. If a door was not shut all the way to automatically lock, set alarms to warn you that there is a vulnerability in your security. In the changing field of security and safety, it’s almost required to overly-cautious with property, valuables, and business buildings.

Contact Interactive Protective Services

Interactive Protective Services is a company that offers Home automation door locks system in Columbus, Ohio to homeowners and business owners alike. We know that security and safety concerns will differ from situation to situation, so we offer technology reviews over the phone to help you decide the automatic door lock system that’s right for you.

Interactive Protection Services can install the best home security system in Columbus, Ohio to protect your house and property. Our company prides itself on its technical expertise and glowing professionalism, and we’re ready to help you pick the system that meets and exceeds your security needs in automated door locks. Contact IPS to schedule services for installing a high-security automated door lock system in your Columbus, Ohio home or business.


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