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Your home needs to be safe and secure for you and your family. A regular alarm system isn’t going to cut it when home security solutions technology is rapidly advancing toward remote surveillance and smartphone-enabled security systems. High-tech Columbus home security systems are needed now in all homes to give every family peace of mind when both home and away from home.

Interactive Protection Services in a Columbus home security solutions company that can provide homeowners with top-of-the-line customized security solutions. If you’re looking to integrate remote surveillance in your Columbus home security solutions, IPS offers live streaming video from security cameras to your touch screen displays, smartphones, or tablet devices. While you’re at home, use your touch screen as a video intercom system to view who’s at the door.

High-tech alarm systems are available with Columbus home security solutions, allowing users to alarm or disarm their systems remotely through their smartphone or tablet. While away from home, users can disarm the alarm systems to let in housekeeping, a babysitter, or a pet sitter, then activate the alarm once they leave. These customized security solutions in Columbus, Ohio are available through Interactive Protection Services. The friendly and experienced professionals with IPS are trained to engineer and install customized security solutions such as smart alarms and remote surveillance.

Integrate an automated lighting control system to pair with alarm and remote surveillance systems for an additional layer of security in your Columbus home security solution. A lighting control system fit for Columbus security solutions has not only motion-detecting features but also connects with smoke and CO2 alarms to turn on when they are triggered. This gives visual cues to those in the house that something is wrong, even if they don’t hear alarms.

When looking for Columbus security solutions, make sure you enlist the best company for security solutions in Columbus, Ohio. Interactive Protection Services not only has the technology for your customized security solutions in Columbus, but also the customer service and expertise to install Columbus security solutions in your home. Don’t entrust the security of your home to a company with no experience in customized home security systems, or a company with low-tech and basic systems. IPS has the high-tech, advanced systems to secure your home, your family, and your peace of mind.

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