What to Look for When Choosing a Home Security Company in Cleveland, Ohio

Believe it or not, Cleveland has been deemed as “by far” the most dangerous city in Ohio. Fox 19 Now reported that according to a violent crime statistics study from the FBI, 2017 data showed that 1,557 violent crimes were committed in Cleveland for every 100,000 people.

If you haven’t outfitted your home with a Cleveland home security system — or even considered it, for that matter — then now’s the time to start looking into at the very least.

When looking for a Cleveland home security company, it’s best to go with one that offers a full range of products and services to bring full peace of mind and safety while in the home. This includes indoor, outdoor, and in most cases, even doorbell cameras to cover the whole house with integrated, smart security technology. It’s even better when there’s a low-fee or free monthly monitoring service that backs up footage and stores for long-term archives and review.

Here’s what to look for when you choose the best home security systems and installation in Cleveland, Ohio:

1. Comprehensive Services and Products

In your search, if you stumble upon a company that only has a couple of cameras and limited monitoring — or none at all — go ahead and skip over them. For robust and comprehensive security, homeowners need multiple cameras, especially for larger homes and yards, and a focused monitoring package that includes text alerts when something’s amiss or motion detecting cameras that notify users when an unauthorized person is in the home.

2. High-Tech Features

Sometimes, it’s not enough to just have motion-detecting cameras and text alerts when someone’s in the home. False alarms are often triggered by pets, house sitters, pet sitters, and dog walkers who are allowed in the home, but don’t have access to the security system’s controls. Security system technology is evolving to include infrared detection cameras that will ignore animals under 30 to 50 pounds, door locking features that let you unlock and lock the door for sitters and cleaners, and even audio-sensitive devices that can detect when glass — like windows and doors — are broken. These are important features that work in tandem to bring security, peace of mind, and make a house feel like a safe haven.

3. Price

A high-quality Cleveland home security company will also offer competitive pricing on products and services to make home security worth your while if you believe that it’s not. For the best home security systems and installations in Cleveland, Ohio, you need to look for a system that provides you with more than just the basics, while also fitting into your budget. An overpriced monthly plan of monitoring and video storage won’t do you any good if you have to downsize the rest of your life just to feel safe. Look for optimal pricing at the intersection of cost and benefits.

Contact IPS, a Cleveland Home Security Company At Interactive Protection Services, we believe that everyone should have the best home security systems and installation in Cleveland, Ohio, which is why we offer high-quality and comprehensive monitoring and installation. Our experts can help you find the right system for your lifestyle and home, while giving key insights on how home security can improve your life. Contact us today for a technology review and get started with a premier Cleveland home security company.



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