Where to Find the Best Home Theater System in Columbus, Ohio

Do you want the ambiance of a movie theater but without actually having to go to the movies? We’re talking complete darkness, high-definition picture, surround sound and high-quality theater seating. If you’re a big movie theater enthusiast, this could be a dream that seems a little out of reach. Find a home automation service provider.

What if we told you that you can have your custom home theater system in your Columbus, Ohio home that fits in your budget and still has all the features you desire?

First, let’s talk about what those features might be.

Motorized Window Treatments

Having the glare from outside light pollution really ruins the picture quality of your movie if you can’t discern the details in a dark scene. Regular blinds and curtains may not cut it, and depending on your interior design taste, blackout curtains can do more harm than good. Motorized window treatments are the high-fashion, highly-functional, and highly-effective solution that completely eliminates glare from outside light sources while also being stylish and convenient. With a touch of a button, lower the treatments to block out the light and achieve the best ambiance for your family movie night.

Digital Projector

While the old-fashioned projector wheel would be an authentic addition to your home theater system, a digital projector is much less hassle and the industry standard for video output. For optimal performance and minimal noise intrusion, be sure to get a projector that has low operational noise, especially if it will be mounted above the seating area. Furthermore, before buying the projector, ensure that the throw range—or the distance between the projector and the wall—is suited for the size of your home theater room.

Audio System & Speakers

Standard forward-projecting sound speakers just won’t cut it for the full immersion experience that you want for your Columbus home theater solutions. Having surround sound that makes you feel as if you are in the theater, and better yet, part of your favorite action-packed movie, are essential to achieving the movie theater ambiance. While you don’t want to go for the most expensive audio system on the market, it’s better to splurge just a bit for the full outfit of  a subwoofer, bookshelf speaker, and center channel so all devices can work in tandem to give you the experience you want.

Interactive Protection Services has the technical knowledge and experience to give you the home theater installation in Columbus, Ohio that you’ve been dreaming about. Our experts can design and install the audio system, visual equipment, and hardware solutions to give you the movie theater experience in your home. For the best custom home theater systems in Columbus, Ohio, contact us at IPS to start the process.



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