4 Tips for Choosing a Video Surveillance System

You want to protect your home and be aware of anything that happens while you’re away at work or school, which is probably why you’re here to learn about cctv camera system installation in Columbus, Ohio. Installing cameras in your home to access video footage and photos of activity offer you a certain peace of mind. With advances in technology, the ability to utilize live streaming, automatic emergency calls, and alarms help protect your home more than ever before.

Here are four tips for choosing a home video surveillance system for your home security.

Web Camera Versus Security Camera

A web camera provides a live stream that you can check into to see what’s going on in your home. True security cameras have built-in features such as alarms and notifications that alert you when something is amiss in your home. Security cameras are a comprehensive home video surveillance solution in Columbus, Ohio. Some will even alert authorities on your behalf in the case of a fire, break in, or water leak.

Video Feed Quality

If you want a clear and high-quality picture and video feed, then high-definition, 720p or 1080p is the best choice for you. The downside to picking an HD wireless video surveillance system in Columbus, Ohio is that the high-definition stream will eat up a lot of bandwidth and might drop service when the wi-fi becomes spotty.

On the other hand, a lower-quality picture will not take up too much bandwidth, and if you are just looking for a basic video surveillance system in Columbus, Ohio that you can simply check in on from time to time, this could be the choice for you. VGA and standard definition cameras are low-cost, low tech, and could work for smaller homes and apartments.


Where are you planning on placing your video surveillance cameras? It’s important to get a camera rated for weather-resistance if you want to keep an eye on your exterior property. But if you want to place your security camera inside, plan a strategy. Some cameras require power adapters and need to be within reach of an outlet, while others are battery-powered and can be placed anywhere. There are even security cameras that have a magnetic base and can be fastened on metal walls and shelves that provide a great vantage point for surveillance.

Subscription cloud storage or store locally

How do you want the video footage stored? Some wireless video surveillance systems in Columbus, Ohio run on a monthly subscription and backs your footage to a cloud-based application for you to access with a paying account. The upside to this is that your video footage will be accessible anytime, anywhere. But, you will have to shell out an additional fee every month to use the service.

Storing footage locally costs you nothing extra, but your footage will only be available when you’re at home to remove the SD card and review on a computer. Whether you’re looking for a simple video feed in your home, or an all-out and comprehensive home video surveillance in Columbus, Ohio, Interactive Protection Services is the company to call for security solutions. Our highly-trained staff and technical experts can help you design and install the wireless surveillance system you’re looking for to achieve peace of mind when you’re away from home. Call us at (740) 483-0823 or connect with us online for advice and questions.



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